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Wand Feather Focus Cat Teaser - 13"

Wand Feather Focus Cat Teaser - 13"

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The 13" Feather Focus Cat Teaser Wand provides an opportunity for more interactive play with cats. The flight feathers, mylar disk, and three bells supported by a wire wand excite the predatory nature of your kitty. This toy is designed to capture the attention of your cats. Generally speaking, wand toys are not intended to be caught by your cat, and they usually don't hold up well to much chewing. As such, we recommend this toy be exclusively used only when the human is willing to maintain control over the wand. 

This is a GREAT toy for cats dealing with depression, loneliness, obesity, or hyperactivity.  

Wand type: Dangling feather teaser

Material: Polyethylene, Feather
Size: Wand: 13" x 0.1875" Teaser: 7" x 3"
Weight: Approx. 0.1 pounds

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