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Knit Carrot Toy

Knit Carrot Toy

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The Knit Carrot Toy is handcrafted; providing a soft toy for cats and small dogs. The thick, rugged rope toy holds up to kitty scratches and vigorous play (as well as machine washing!). These adorable toys are sure to captivate your fur-baby's imagination.

  • Machine-washable: We use only premium cotton rope to create a strong, durable toy that can be washed in the delicate cycle of a washing machine and air dried
  • 100% natural cotton fibers are 100% safe: We use safe, non-toxic dyes and there are no synthetic microfibers that may be harmful for your pet if they are ingested. Natural cotton rope.

Material: Cotton rope
Color: Orange & Green
Size: 6" Long x 1.25" Diameter
Weight: Approx. 0.2 pounds

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